The Villagers Visited the Minnesota State Fair

The villagers became part of the wood carving competition at the Minnesota State Fair. They were so anxious to go, but I was a bit worried to what kind of trouble Kel and Uda would get into. They have nothing to fear as the fair employees set them up. During the fair, I and others had the opportunity to demonstrate wood carving at the presentation booth. I was afraid I would come in to prepare and hear people complain that their stuff had been moved or hidden.

Along with that, I’m sure Arve and Ola were thrilled to see the sights of the fair. As memory has it, I believe Cora took them to the state fair before, but that was back in the 1920’s. Arve and Ola would have lots to say about the changes through the years.

I entered the villagers under “carving, group of humans”. However, they only received 2nd place. They got beaten out by one of my carving friends, so I guess that’s OK (somewhat). His carve happened to be spectacular. If the villagers find out, well, I’ll just not tell them. I wonder what Agar would have said to their visit. But it was fun to see them sitting there enjoying the passersby. The villagers were OK with that too if Kel and Uda stayed still.

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